About Us

“Kessavier Vanille Productions” is an art, culture and entertainment company in Lagos Nigeria. Our traditional business model is to promote African arts, culture and entertainment through film, television and stage productions.

We seek to shape our own narrative and tell our own story, through our own eyes and in our own voice. We hope to foster and correct the hitherto poor reception and misrepresentation of Africa on the global stage and become the catalyst for a global conversation, reception and appreciation of the diversity and richness of African arts and culture.


To vibrantly entertain, whilst also triggering a new determination for our collective African aspirations in ways that document and inspire purpose, insight and optimism.

To entertain and yet, actively participate in the intelligent discourse that we need to move our African forward!


To use arts, culture and organic story telling as essential participants in the dynamic movement of development.

Mission Statement

To bring global attention to Nigerian and African arts and culture, thereby repositioning the arts and our culture as central dynamic wheels for global growth.

Core Values

Honesty and Integrity• Creativity, invention and innovation.•

Our Goal

To highlight and educate through arts and culture • To showcase the artistry and advance technological know-how of African artistic professionals • To use arts, culture and entertainment as potent tools for building community and fostering a sense of collective ownership and pride • To build good reputation in the field of arts and culture and become a key player in the industry

The Team

Kesiena C. Obue

Kesiena C. Obue

CEO/MD/Artistic Director

Kesiena C. Obue is a young female Nigerian Writer, Theatre Director and filmmaker. In 2009 she founded “Kesservier Vanille Productions” which quickly became the platform for her early artistic expressions and success. She has written and directed commissioned works for Cable Television, theatre, independent feature and documentary film projects.

Kesiena is a synergy of talent, good training and a resonant, inclusive worldview. Her voice as a woman and an artist is essential and fully representative of contemporary Nigerian life. She is poised to tap these for societal growth and development, navigating the complex, global cross-cultural challenges of our 21st century, where Africa is set to play a defining role.




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